Over 30 years ago, Orange County Employment Managers Association (OCEMA) started as a grass roots initiative founded by local, corporate human resources and recruiting professionals who sought the need to connect.

In a business conference room, OCEMA started as a networking group with the purpose of bringing professionals together, in a solicitation free environment, to share and discuss relevant topics. In that time, the group has grown from the handful of individuals who met in the conference room to over 500 members, representing local organizations within the boundaries of Orange County and neighboring Los Angeles and San Diego counties. As meeting attendance grew to upwards to 50 to 100 members per session, the round table agenda and conference room would no longer suffice.

We moved out of the conference room and partnered with local event venues through the years to accommodate our meetings. We are now happy to call Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine home for 2014 and beyond. And the round table agenda evolved into offering professional speakers to address relevant and timely topics to provide interactive forums for learning and development for our members. However, the roundtable did not disappear, with a nod to our roots, we open up the floor at the end of each meeting to allow our members to engage with the group. It remains one of the most popular parts of the agenda.

If you are a corporate HR or Recruiting practitioner, we invite you to join OCEMA.