How do I become a member?
If you are a corporate human resources practitioner or corporate recruiting professional, you are welcome to follow the instructions under the Join section of this website to become actively engaged with OCEMA.

If you are not a corporate human resources practitioner, corporate recruiting professional, you are welcome to attend meetings as a guest with an OCEMA member. However, we restrict membership to those in corporate human resources/recruiting roles. The purpose being to maintain a solicitation free environment for our members.


How much does it cost?
$35 entrance fee for online registered attendees
$40 entrance fee for walk-in attendees (without online registration)
$40 entrance fee for credit card prepaid online registered attendees


Is there an online community?
Yes. For our members, we have a LinkedIn Group called OCEMA which allows our members to interact. Additionally, we have a community on YahooGroups called OCEMA which is used for information sharing